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Geocaching Brochure
Description: Finally, a quick answer to the familiar question, "What the heck is geocaching?" Developed by CyBret, this tri-fold brochure in Adobe pdf format is a great resource containing some excellent information like: a quick history of geocaching, how to go looking for your first cache, a step-by-step guide to hiding and finding, a break down of some of the more common cache types, CITO information, and some geocaching "Do's and Donts". The back of the brochure contains contact information for NMG. This would be great to leave in the brochure rack at state parks, at the counter in stores where GPS's are sold, or just as a handout to landowners or potential geocachers. It would also be a wonderful thing to take along for a small geocaching presentation.
Download: Download

Cache Log Book v1.3
Description: A simple application created by ABXGuy to log your cache finds on your Palm OS based PDA. A must have app for going paperless geocaching! Keep track of cache name, waypoint, log entry, date, time, what you took, what you left, and more. After a day of caching just sit down in front of the computer and post your log information. Distributed as FREEWARE!
Download: Download

Cache Info Page
Description: A cache info page with a Northern Michigan Geocachers flare. It contanis the standard cache information along with some info about NMG, how to find us on the internet, and a place for you to enter your username and the cache name. Unzipped files include a MS Word format document and an Adobe Acrobat format document.
Download: Download

NMG Travel Bug Sign In/Out Sheet
Description: It always seems to happens, a whole bunch of travel bugs get logged into an event and are then forgotten to be logged as taken by another cacher. Use this sign in/out sheet to help keep track of who has what travel bug. Space for the travel bug name/number, who dropped it in, preferred direction of travel, and who picked it up. An excellent addition to help in event planning. In Adobe Acrobat format.
Download: Download

NMG M&G/Event Sign in Sheet
Description: A simple sheet for event guests to sign in on so a record of attendance can be maintained by the event host. The NMG logo is embedded in the background. In Adobe Acrobat format.
Download: Download

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